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Welcome to the esoteric shop, a place where you buy gadgets useful to many in the fields of spirituality such as meditation, Tantra, shamanism and Buddhism. Such products as male (Buddhist rosaries on hand), talismans are better not to buy in the bazaar. In Our esoteric shop, not only magical items are offered, but also services. Now you can order an energetic image of the soul, an image of an angel. In Addition, our esoteric shop will broaden the offer with various courses (learning of the fairground system, the course of clairvoyance) and TALISMANS and AMULETS.. There are esoteric shops geared only to one specific field of esoteric. These are shops offering specialised items related only to a particular field, such as the Tarot, pended.  A Standard esoteric store geared to clients related to Buddhism will have a commodity related only to Buddhism, but rather an import of goods and culture. In our offer only incense sticks are created by Tibetan monks. All the rest are objects created by Jasnowidzów, inspired by the lyrics of the Jungdrung Bon tradition. So, while in the general esoteric shop very often you will get traditionally Tibetan paintings of deities and masters, male made with little ecological exotic wood.
Our Esoteric shop often does not have a real seat, but only works on the internet. The Goods which we present can be found in Silesia, in in Mysłowice. You are welcome!

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