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What are these items, mandals and other images used For? They are not merely hanging on the wall as an ornament.   They Can be compared to strong energy transmitters from sacred spaces.   Firstly, they help to calm and improve energy in the room. Secondly, more importantly, they change the consciousness they look at, they change their personal energy. This interaction is quite sufficient for most people and their problems. However, if someone feels that this style suits him, then he should reach out to the texts of Buddhist meditation. The Paintings are inspired by them: they serve a faster spiritual development and assimilation hidden in the texts of wisdom.   It Is written that they are Buddhist, but I have not met such a style in the traditional varieties of Buddhism, ie. Tibetan Buddhism, chan, Zen, etc.   Items and Malé are created with the project TęczowaPerła. Pl. These Are new translations of the Jungdrung Bon tradition, a pre-Buddhist tradition in Tibet. It is Considered to be the doctrine of the Dharma, which came from earlier times than the official Buddhism.   These Are the teachings in which the association of Shamanism, Sutras, Tantras and Dzogchen is an important feature. The Shop has the task to create a cultural-magical layer, based on the experience of Polish mystics, esoteric, spirituality. We assume that Eastern folklore and magic, though charming, are, however, the domain of those lands. The Message of the ancient Masters was adapted for centuries, translated for many cultures. It Is still alive and definitely worth making it yours.     Tradition is not the worship of ashes,

But playing a fire

Gustav Mahler


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