Buddhist Mala-Buddhist Rosary

The Tradition of using prayer cords derives from Hinduans and has probably begun 500 years BC. She Penetrated into Buddhism, Sikhism and Baha'i, and through the Romans to the Christian world and Islam. The First statues depicting Hindu glory with Japan are dated to 300 years BC. Through Buddhism, the tradition of using Mali has spread to neighboring China and later to Japan. Male differ in construction and material but their function remains the same. Throughout The world, Mali is used in different materials from wood and seeds through precious stones, coral or plastics. The most valuable ones are those made from the seeds of the Bodhi tree. Traditional Tibetan rosaries are built of 108 strapped beads and a string of stupa, or dord. This Number has many interpretations and has for centuries been considered in the east for a magical number. It Leads to the realization of 108 excellent qualities of a Buddha, or removes the 108 of the spillages. It also Symbolizes 108 000 Buddhas from the Tibetan tradition, although some believe that the last 8 beads are extra, in case the practitioner's mind is dispersive. Some Male also have three larger beads, which symbolize shelter in the Buddha, Dharma and Sandze.

Buddhist Rosary

There are also variants of shorter small by 27, or 54 beads worn on the wrist-they are also available! Interestingly the name of the rosary probably arose as a result of the revolt by the ancient Romans; Jap mala instead of Japa mala. Jap means a rose in Sanskrit.

Lesser Buddhist Rosary

The Buddhist rosary is used primarily for counting the mantra performed and symbolizes practice in the body. The protective and magical qualities are acquired according to the quality and the number of practices. The Energy of the mantra penetrates the created object specifically for this purpose, thus the small storage of energy. However, If we buy it from an unproven source, we are not sure what the energy environment was, whether it was treated with proper respect, etc.   On request, we can dedicate a small, so at the start take on the beneficial, energetic properties. Remember, however, that the most important application is the silence of the mind, and the side effects, ie. Protective properties, reinforcing, etc. depend on Your practice.

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