Seeing differently as a claidoid

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What is clairvoyance? What are the varieties of clairvoyance? Can clairvoyance be learned? Is this ability inherited?   The Theme of clairvoyance appears in many articles, on forums and on websites. Even in the media, the services of Clairers are offered. On The vision sits a gentleman or a lady and answers the questions posed by the viewers. Note! Individual Learning clairvoyance Check! Let US Clarify what the clairvoyance is.   Clairvoyance in parapsychology is an ability capable of perceiving people, phenomena and objects in time and space without the involvement of sensory perception.   We Distinguish: 1. Clairvoyance of the Future – prekognition 2. Clairvoyance of the past – retrocognitive 3. Psychometrisis (now the term psychometrics means a method of psychological research)-formerly a clairvoyance consisting in describing objects, places or people, usually on the basis of some Item. Moreover, it may also include seeing Aura, guardian angels, or energy disturbances that cause e.g. Disease. The Nineteenth-century esoteric literature distinguished the following types of clairvoyance, according to the organs of the subtle body used: 1. Astral Clairvoyance 2. Mental clairvoyance 3. Causation of the Caundrum Variant is a light hearing in which the information arrives in the form of sound.   Can you become a clairway ot so, do you have to be born with such abilities?   I will Quote some of the statements from the forum where the polemics on this subject: "Everything in life can be learned even walking on the water only need to remember to do nothing to force. The development of the gift of clairvoyance can only be done in the case of general spiritual development. When we deal only with the third eye we will disrupt energy in our body. Will we then predict the future – yes, only in a psychiatric hospital no one Can take us seriously – because the "fun" of the third eye chakra just ends. " "At A young age, I noticed that some paintings were washed by my head. Such a single vision lasted from a few hundredths of a second to a few seconds. Sometimes It was accompanied by unpleasant feelings, usually those that were supposed to feel the person whose vision was concerned. After a while, it showed that it was a flare of events that are going to happen in the future. For the moment, clairvoyance is a skill that I have practically not mastered. Sometimes I'll see something in my dreams. " Some are born and have such a gift others get it by accident in connection with some experiences, and yet others through spiritual development and the development of the mind come to the possibility of clairvoyance, prekognition, etc. I Think it's So made that for me such things are inherited. Everyone from the mother's side (women) are endowed with gifts to some extent. I am, for example, more… Gifted in the direction of light sensation, and in my mind I always see what the deceased/ghost/Demon/Angel looks like, and so partly clairvoyance… These abilities are gaining strength… I hold in secret my abilities when it comes to gaining strength, but everyone knows that I sense the dead… I Told all of this to Grandma, because I trust her one hundred percent. I Know that I will NEVER disappoint me… And I really told me A lot. "     Many people say that clairvoyance can be learned. In The net you can find offers of clairvoyance courses… Question: Is this clairvoyance? Easy to learn the method DU-that is the method of mental improvement. Then what we see in the Alpha state is telepathy. But telepathy is Clairin? And What do we actually see? Many people claim to have a gift of clairvoyance or for example. Light sensation. Then It turns out that it completely does not check… So What have they seen or felt these people? These Were probably some projections of their minds. Because How does it make sure that what I see or feels is true?     After conversations with the people who visited the clairers it turns out that some people part of the "prophecy" turned out to be true and the part did not. I met the people who were at the seers and it turned out that this complete crap… But I also Met people who were very satisfied with the visits to the clairvoyers and the forecasts were covered by 80-90%.   I Believe that the development of the gift of clairvoyance can only be done in the case of general spiritual development. Clairvoyance is then like a "side effect" of our development, something that spontaneously appeared in us. Where to go to a good clairvoyens? It is Best to consult people who have already benefited from the services of the clairvoyers.   Have you ever used the services of the Clairvoyens? What are your experiences? Is the curiosity of the clairvoyance the first degree of hell?  

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