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Using sight, we see our world, everything that surrounds us. Human senses are geared to receiving the world and everything associated with it. We also like to surround ourselves with nice things, interesting and appropriately striking us. Each of us has things that positively "load" it. It Can be a favorite song, favorite dish or picture. In The broadly understood esoteric well-known concept are energy paintings or mandala.

Intuitive painting

This image is called a picture of which the author painted it under the influence of a kind of inspiration, intuition. It was Created by impulse and contains a positive message, encoded emotions that are supposed to act soothing and beneficial to the person for whom the image was painted. They can be an inspiration to the recipient, making it possible for them to see what has so far not been so obvious to them. Looking at such works Has an impact on people with an open mind. It is Surprising how different emotions I can convey. Sometimes They are feelings of calm and silence. Another time they give an energetic "kick" and a man feels positively charged. Thanks to such images, too often man discovers in himself the potentials and abilities that he can develop and nurture.

 Energy images and Mandals

Most often such images are presented in the form of mandala. We also Often encounter energy paintings depicting spiritual beings. Painted also under the influence of inspiration, and encounters with an intangible being in another dimension, when it is muted and concentrated. Angels are a Common motive of such images. Beings that are almost all associated with peace, harmony and happiness. During meditation, such paintings are also used, as they bring with them a huge dose of energy and positive vibrations.   Almost everyone came across us with the concept of feng shui. It Is a method of decorating your home so that it complies with the energies flowing in our environment. Wall decorations are An important element of any interior fittings. Decorations that give the character of rooms. According to the principle of feng shui in each room should be an energy image that complies with the energies of the room and adds positive vibrations. Experts often discuss what colors should dominate in a particular room and it is worth knowing when choosing images for their walls. And so the kitchen, the gourmet kingdom should be dominated by a white, color symbol of metal and fire. The Intense colors of the dishes are balanced by the white color and thus balances the chi. Bedroom, an intimate place for everyone should be "dressed" in pink color (mixing of white and red, metal and fire), peach or for the bedroom the youngest green and blue. It is Important that when choosing your image you will be guided by what it carries for us, what we present and what sensations we have in his presence. If It is supposed to serve meditation and silence it would be important for us to interact. In turn, the image To stimulate us should be alive, carry a large dose of energy and optimism. Every field of our lives is different, with each one we must deal with and help ourselves as we can. It will be easier for us to live with the energy and cooperation that surrounds us.  

Energy images

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