How to Love Yourself Wisely

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Self-Love, self-acceptance…. often presents these qualities as keys to succeed. However, the constant exaggerating demands of the external environment and the inherent criticism of itself are inhibiting the development of the individual's potential. In Particular, the media exert enormous pressure on us, giving a pattern of unrealistic ideals, impossible to achieve both for the body and for the mind (this is mainly the case for women whose advertisements impose the ideal of a body without defects-a smooth, muscular, and At the same time obsessed with an exaciated).   Unable to meet these unsurpassed patterns, people are stuck in a sense of dissatisfaction, an inability to be satisfied with the environment, and wishing to ascend at any cost above the greed of everyday life, They balance on the brink of losing their senses, often crossing this border. From The illusion of perfection there is also the free part of the spiritually developing people who, at all costs, want to rise above the ordinary. How very damaging and limiting are these patterns I felt when I moved to some time beyond the boundaries of our country, precisely-on the territory of Iran, where there is a different, albeit objectively strict, moral law. Accustomed to the constant visual stimuli, bombarded with advertisements, the mind of sex was in silence and in this silence began to truly rest. I Think that in this respect our parents lived in a more friendly reality, because their expectations developed a little slower, but more harmonically. The conclusions of the war were Drawn and, starting almost from nothing, the foundations of the new social system were built on respected and recognized authorities. The Economy and industry based on efficient fossil fuels have formed the power of the northern hemisphere.   However, those days are already a thing of the past.   From the Modern man – and more so for the next generations – in fact, from the moment of birth, so many are expected to be able to call these generations lost. A highly specialised Society, composed of educated individualists, who subdue their personal and family life only to a career, is a picture of a future without a solid foundation without roots.  

How to love yourself wisely

  By Relying on other people's expectations, we recognize these illusionistic patterns as part of our personality. Appropriately Strong to what we are pushing from the outside world, we are subject to the internal movement of a strong denial, which manifests itself in the form of escaping into the world of addictive computer games and other compensating actions ( Spending time only on pleasures and not engaging in the affairs of others).   In the long term, such life is sterile and devoid of natural rhythm – effort, rest, engagement, experience, as well as silence. Between the extreme emotions, between being only for others and being exclusively for themselves is so called. Route of the measure. But It does not mean the life of a neman, on the contrary, a place where we can see the needs of other people, we can come across with uncomfortable problems for us to solve, which seemingly can even delay our personal development.   Going out of the comfort zone and abanding control to what we are used to, opens us to crossing the boundaries of our own "me." Exceeding his own restrictive views, even if it is caused by his own love, will throw us into a stream of life that really makes life truly feel.  

How to love yourself wisely

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